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the importance of having a will

Importance Of Having A Will Copy

Many find the prospect of drafting a will daunting and often procrastinate when putting their estates in order. Having a valid final will is essential in ensuring that loved ones gain the maximum benefit from the deceased’s estate. Here are some important facts to consider surrounding the process. THE IMPORTANCE OF HAVING A WILL A […]

The effects of money on mental health

The effects of money on mental health

Money affects so many aspects of daily life. It is natural that wealth, or more importantly lack thereof, has a significant effect on mental health. Mental health heavily impacts mood and behaviour. That is why it is important to look at how mental wellness and finances are linked. Here is how money affects mental health. […]

estate planning

Estate planning process

Estate planning is the management and division of the estate(assets) one acquired throughout your life. It ensures that the chosen beneficiaries receive what they’re entitled to, should a person become incapacitated or die. The process includes managing the will, trust, and accumulated assets. Remnant Advisory acts as executor for the deceased’s estate. Continue reading if […]