Your Money EQ reflects your personal beliefs and thoughts about money. It is how you think and respond emotionally to money and how your mind makes subconscious decisions about your money use. Partnering with Remnant can help improve your Money EQ and give you the tools and capacity to see money differently and therefore be able to manage it better.

Remnant’s Money EQ seeks to identify and correct a negative money mentality in various ways. Your new wealth attitude cultivated through Remnan’s assistance can be used to catalyse your own wealth and financial wellbeing.

You will learn to understand your attitude towards money and where it comes from. After adjusting that perspective, you can find alternative ways to equip yourself with financial skills. Face your money fears, develop a strong relationship with your money, and unleash your financial capabilities.

Remnant’s Money EQ lays a proper foundation for your path to wealth through consultations that will align your emotions and behaviour towards money enabling you to achieve your financial goals. This eventually will foster an upward wealth trajectory in your life.

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