Remnant provides you with an independent consulting team advising on the structuring of your bespoke employee benefits solution. Offering employee benefits can enable employees to better manage life’s financial uncertainties. Retirement benefits are structured to support each employee’s retirement goals and needs.

Remnant’s client-focused service provides individual members with access to financial solutions tailored for them rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. We pride ourselves in our home-grown, independent employee benefits consultative approach with a wide range of financial solutions that are crafted to solve various financial challenges.

Remnant will work closely with you to develop your employee benefits scheme to show members what their retirement status is and where to focus on to improve for a better retirement.

We help small, medium, and large companies properly structure corporate healthcare and retirement fund schemes for employees. We review, critically assess, and make recommendations on benefits packages to remain current, competitive, and relevant.

Remnant offers professional, client-focused financial advice that serves as a cornerstone on which Remnant Employee Benefits builds its value-adding client partnerships. We offer a range of retirement fund solutions designed to meet the unique needs of every business we work with. Remnant is well skilled in facilitating the process of setting up or reviewing existing Employee Benefits for businesses.

We recognise the importance of employee satisfaction to the success of the business and our team at Remnant aims to help employers positively assume this responsibility to equip them with all they need to create engaged, happy, and successful employees.

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