BCOM Finance

Khanyisile is a dedicated professional who embarked on her journey in finance with a solid foundation from the University of Johannesburg, where she earned her Bcom Finance degree. Currently pursuing her BcomHons in Financial Planning, she is driven by her aspiration to become a Certified Financial Planner.

Raised in the vibrant city of Johannesburg, Khanyisile’s upbringing has shaped her into an ambitious and hardworking individual. Her passion for empowering others through financial literacy led her to pursue a career in financial planning.

As a Financial Analyst at Remnant, Khanyisile plays a crucial role in the core team, where she specializes in analysing financial reports and collaborates on wealth management strategies for clients. Her commitment to excellence and her desire to make a positive impact shine through in every aspect of her work.

Outside of her professional endeavours, Khanyisile embraces life with an open heart and has a love for laughter. She enjoys spending quality time with friends, exploring new culinary delights at local restaurants, and embarking on travel adventures with her family.

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” —Henry Ford

Khanyisile Mhlanga
Financial Analyst