BCom Accounting from University of Johannesburg

After attaining a BCom Accounting degree from the University of Johannesburg, Jacques Barnard moved to London where he spent 2 years working and travelling.

Upon his return to South Africa he found himself in the service industry. For 17 years he assisted corporate clients with tailored service solutions. Then in 2019, he began working as a divisional general manager. Here he managed general managers in various sectors, assisting them in achieving their monthly and annual targets. It was during this time he realised the importance of planning whether it is financial planning, creating and adhering to budgets, or planning to meet with customers in order to build and strengthen relationships.

Jacques now works as a financial advisor for Remnant and will be making use of all the corporate skills he’s gained over his years of experience to provide the best tailored solutions. Thus, ensuring all clients receive world-class financial advice.
Jacques is hardworking, dedicated and loves spending time with his family. In his free time he enjoys travelling, and playing golf and is an avid sports supporter.

”If not now…then when?”

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Jacques Barnard