Checklist for meeting with your financial advisor

Checklist for meeting with your financial advisor

It is important, when meeting with your financial advisor, to come prepared. The more information you bring, the better your advisor will be able to assist. A more efficient meeting means more time to discuss the financial matters important to you. Use this checklist and come prepared for your next meeting.

Have the right documents

Check that you have all relevant financial documents and information at hand. Make sure that this information is organised. The less time spent shuffling papers the more time there is to manage your finances. 

Bring documents and information for the following:

  • Financial statements – including:

– Bank account statements

– Investment account statements

– Retirement account statements 

– Annuity statements

– Student loan statements

  • Tax documents – Tax filing, returns and planning.
  • Debts – Such as mortgages or credit cards. Importantly have information on rates of interest and repayment plans.
  • Insurance – Specifying rates and coverage.
  • Estate plan – Including will, information on high value assets and properties.

Bring along any other relevant information that you think may be necessary or valuable. This ensures nothing is left behind, leaving little chance for a reason to return anytime soon. 

Know what you want

A financial advisor can help guide your financial decisions but ultimately it is up to you. Come into the meeting with a clear idea of what it is you want from your finances.

Consider the following:

  • Financial goals – What is it that you want to achieve with your money?
  • Income – What are you earning? What would you like to be earning?
  • Spending habits – Be prepared to discuss your spending habits, good and bad.
  • Savings – How much are you currently putting into savings? How much should you be saving?
  • Debt – What are the most urgent debts you need to pay off? How do you plan to pay these off?
  • Questions – What is unclear to you about your finances? What questions do you have for your financial advisor?

You don’t need to know the answer to all these questions but you must have a good idea of what you want. Know the most important questions you should ask your advisor. Write these down so that you do not forget them.

Come prepared and get the most out of your meeting. Remnant’s advisors look forward to meeting with you. Contact Remnant and schedule a meeting with our highly skilled and dedicated advisors.