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Why join Remnant?

Looking for a way to thrive as an independent financial advisor without the risks of going at it alone? Remnant is here to offer you security, guidance, and support to help you achieve your goals. By partnering with us, you can work as part of an established and reputable brand without sacrificing your independence.

At Remnant, we value the unique talent and experience of our advisors. Our advisor-led culture encourages independence and innovation, placing personal strengths at the core of our engagements. We’re committed to helping you build your practice, connecting you with clients that can benefit from your unique expertise.

With the collective support of the Remnant team, we’re dedicated to guiding your practice to success.

Here’s what Remnant can offer you:

  1. Independence
    At Remnant, you can accomplish your goals and your client’s goals your way. When you partner with us, you are enabled to be an independent advisor, while benefiting from the support and security of a larger company and network of providers.
  2. Resources
    Remnant provides you with a variety of resources and tools to help you run your business as effectively as possible. Take advantage of the tools and programs that larger companies enjoy, as well as the pricing advantages that come with being a part of our network.
  3. Marketing
    We actively market our brand and advisors to drive traffic to our website and social media platforms, directing potential clients to advisors in our network. By joining Remnant’s list of advisors, you can benefit from our marketing efforts and grow your practice.
  4. Practice Support
    As part of our team, you’ll receive support in running, managing, and growing your practice. We work together as a team to ensure everyone sees and experiences growth.
  5. Value Proposition
    At Remnant, our advisors don’t pay desk fees or the cost of compliance, and we hold contracts with all major insurers. We also offer assistance with leads and one of the most competitive split rates in the market. Multiple income sources are available to strengthen your annuity income. Coaching and personal development plans included.

Partnering with Remnant is a smart move for the financial advisor looking to grow their business into an Asset of Value.

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Remnant aims to empower our clients to gain control of their lives and have financial stability, and we’re looking for partners to help us do just that. Are you ready to build your practice into an asset of value?

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