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As a proud juristic representative of Legacy Planning Institute (Pty) Ltd, Remnant provides clients with financial advice on finance, estate, and retirement planning. Remnant enables you to leave a legacy.

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Our Services

Providing first-class financial advice to ensure your financial management practices align with your financial goals, these unique plans give you the freedom to live your life how you want and enhance your wealth.

Fiduciary services

Having a fiduciary that you can trust to deal with financial and legal matters when you have passed away is invaluable.

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Financial Planning

True wealth is built over time and preserved from generation to generation, let our expert advisor's partner with to you achieve your financial goals.

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Retirement planning

 A well-managed retirement plan allows you to be financially independent and let's you live the lifestyle you want after retirement.

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Estate Planning

Ensure that your estate is distributed according to your wishes after passing and protects your beneficiaries.

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Money EQ

Remnant Advisory's Money EQ profile will help you to improve your money EQ and give you the tools and capacity to see money differently.

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Local and Offshore investments

We will structure your portfolio aligned with your personal investment goals in mind.

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Employee Benefits

Remnant Advisory is able to advise how to appropriately manage costs and still provide an attractive employee benefit soultion.

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Short Term Insurance

Protecting you from the financial burdens through accidents or loss of property when the unexpected happens.

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Risk Analysis

We analyse risk factors that may affect you financially and create continuous strategies to migrate and manage any risk you may face.

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"Remnant understands my financial needs. They believe in my goals and help me strategise and implement plans in order to achieve those goals. I go to bed easier at night knowing that Remnant is actively involved in my financial future. I always feel like priority number one!"

Brian Dolphin

Our Team

We deliver market leading financial solutions to our clients, enabled by the broad product solutions and architecture of our organization plus the proven support and infrastructure of our partnerships. Remnant enhances the practice building of our financial planners whilst enjoying a truly adviser-led culture where independence and innovation are core to our engagements.

Our team

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